Event Page is not https

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Is there any workaround or solution to this. Browsers now complain that the site is not secure and force the user to select "go ahead" to actually reach the registration page. I realize from web search that the actual registration page is secure but the issue with the event page makes it appear that things are unsecure. With the browsers tightening security and the push to move away from all http addresses I am surprised that this does not support https. Thank you.
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Hello @PrideWorks ,


The landing pages of the retiring legacy events program are HTTP, however the registration pages themselves, including the pages for payment submission are HTTPS. The only real way to avoid this would be to deactivate the landing page functionality of the legacy  event, or make a custom landing page outside of the legacy event and link to your legacy event's registration page through that.


The newer event system is fully HTTPS, including the landing pages. 

William A
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