Event Registration - Messaging individual ticket holders

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It would be nice, when someone registers for an event or product, to be able to message that person directly within Constant Contact. For example, someone bought a ticket from us, and I want to send them their QR code within Constant Contact under their purchase. That way I do not have to manually email them from my email account, hoping the email will land in their inbox rather than a random folder like Promotions or Spam.

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Hello @user1152 ,


Since our system isn't built to handle incoming emails from contacts, the ability to handle incoming messages from event registrants isn't something that's going to be viable in the newer event tool at this time. 


As far as handling incoming messages, events allow for a specified event coordinator's contact details to be available for it, which can be setup and made visible to registrants via the event's basics. If you have a specific person you want registrants' questions fielded to, or if there's a more role-type address (ex: EventInfo@YourOrganizationDomain.com), then that would be what you'd want to include in that section.


Beyond that, if they're having issues receiving the order confirmation, then managing their inbound requests directly through your Constant Contact account won't really help with that. It would necessitate that they check their network or email programs' settings to ensure the automated emails with the tickets (or resends of their confirmations) are able to be received. If it's a matter of safelisting our domains in a security program of theirs, or safelisting the address sending the confirmation, then I'd point them to those linked articles.

William A
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