How to Download "Least Engaged" Contacts with Email Stats?

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Hello Constant Contact Community, I'm currently facing a challenge and would appreciate your assistance and guidance. Here's the situation: I would like to download the list of "least engaged" contacts from my subscriber base alongside their click and open rate. I know how to export the names and emails alongside their groups and addresses, but I have not found a way to download this list with their open and click rate. If anyone has experience with this or knows of a workaround, I would greatly appreciate your insights. I have explored the reporting options within the Constant Contact platform, but I couldn't find a specific feature for this purpose. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance! I'm looking forward to hearing from fellow Constant Contact users and learning from your expertise.

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Hello @ChristineP443 ,


There isn't currently a provided contact field / metric in the interface for individual contacts' open and click rates, so we aren't able to provide that for downloading at this time.


That said, if this is a specific metric you're particularly interested in our devs working on a way to include, I'd suggest making a post on our Feedback boards. This way if other users are interested they can vote on it, voice use cases, and give our Community admins and mods info we can directly send over to the devs.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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