How to create a landing page without coding knowledge?


You don’t need to have coding knowledge, or even a website, to have a web presence! Landing pages are single-page websites, and they’re fantastic because they’re so task oriented. Each page is designed for something specific and can be shared anywhere around the web: emails, social media profiles, social media posts, blogs, comment sections, just to name a few.  We’ve got a few different kinds that you can create with a drag-and-drop editor. No coding necessary! 


Let's review them…


The Sign-up Landing Page: If you’re going to create one page for your marketing efforts, start with this one! The Sign-up Landing Page is one of the most powerful landing pages because it’s how you grow your email and SMS contact list. When your contacts complete opt-in through a Sign-up Landing Page, you can be confident that they’ve given you permission to send email and text messages to them. It even includes a customizable “Thank You” page, where you can share links and downloads as a thank you for signing up. (Check out this article to learn how to build one.)

The Survey Page: When you need to know more about something, and you’re not afraid to ask, a Survey Page is your go-to. It can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be, with open-ended answers, multiple choice questions, rank order questions, check all that apply options, and numeric scales to mix and match. 

The Custom Landing Page: This page can be used for almost anything (except for sign-ups and surveys). Use it to share information or to promote specific goods and services. One of the most popular templates is for a “link in bio” page, where you can gather and share all the links you want your social media friends and followers to find.


Another overlooked feature of all of our landing pages is that you can create multiple versions of any one of them for different audiences. You’re not locked into your branding or messaging if you need to tweak it a bit for different segments. Just copy your original page, make a few changes, and you’re off and running!

So, which landing pages have you tried or are interested in using? Let us know!

Tip: If you want to drive offline traffic to a landing page, like a sign-up form or survey, create a QR code and use it in your signage.


Here are a few more ideas:


- Use data: Look at how your users are doing and improve things based on what they're up to.

- Try out different options: Make a few versions of your landing page and see which one works better.

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This is super informative, @Elizabeth_K. I love the idea of using a QR code when you're trying to attract potential customers to a landing page when you're on the go! I think this is a great idea as it generates more traffic, but also could potentially grow your list. QR codes are also convenient and you can get creative in your branding of them. I've seen QR code stickers, banners, posters, you name it! 


Moral of the story: Get out there and get creative when it comes to creating a landing page and discovering how to drive people to land on it.  

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