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How to do a good support fundraiser

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hey everyone I'm Kendra I'm a 35-year-old disabled RN on disability whose life changed drastically after I was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders plus many others. I never thought that this would be my card to play but I'm trying to handle my hand the best that away that I can. My main goal right now is to help these girls get to their next level because of how hard they work and how amazing they are I have created a simple fundraiser for my 10-year-old who is in fourth grade and is amazing basketball player also her really good friend is a fourth grader as well and they both are amazing I'm trying to figure out how to promote to get them help and the support that they need to make their dreams come true any advice that you guys may give me I would really appreciate that Thank you!



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Hello everyone I'm Kendra I'm newer to the group but I just wanted to ask for help and some of your guys's ideas to create a great inspiring campaign fundraiser for two amazing athletes that I know we need support and sponsorship any recommendations would be great!!🏀🏆❤️

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Hi @KendraH067!

One of the things I think really works well from my experience is hosting an event and managing it through Constant Contact for fundraising efforts.
To give you an example, you could hold a basketball shootout event or adult pick up game or other kind of activity and manage the registrations through Constant Contact. You can also set it up to collect a fee to participate which will be donated to your organization and connect it directly to your PayPal account. 
You could also maybe get some event sponsors like a restaurant to donate a gift card and in exchange make sure their logo is on all the graphics and marketing materials. 
Hope this helps! Good luck to the Southern Starz team!
- Lindsay 
Lindsay Joy Higgins
L2L Creative Group
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Kendra, what a great thing you are doing to help these girls, you should be proud of that!

The following are thoughts that can help you put together a plan and move you closer to your goals.

  • Craft a Compelling Story: The email should showcase the girls' passion and talent for basketball.
    • Information to include:
      • The girls' names and ages
      • How they have participated in any leagues or tournaments
      • What specifically is the $5,000 goal for (travel to a competition, equipment, training)?
  • Highlight their Achievements:
    • Present the girls' awards or recognitions
    • Share a short video clip of them playing

Email Marketing Tips:

  1. Subject Line: Keep it concise and captivating.
    • Example: "Help Two Young Basketball Stars Reach Their Dreams!"
  2. Personalize the Email: If you have an email list of friends and family, personalize the message.
  3. Visual Appeal: Include captivating photos of the girls playing.
  4. Call to Action: Clearly state how people can donate. Provide a link to the PayPal page.
  5. Sharing is Caring: Encourage recipients to share the email with their network.

I hope this helps Kendra...wishing you all the best on your outstanding commitment!
David Fischer

David Fischer

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