Identify which editor was used to create an email

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How can I create an email with the third generation editor? I am trying to add Eventbrite events to my newsletter. I created an email with the newest editor and it doesn't have the option for Eventbrite blocks. Your instructions for using event action block does not work for Eventbrite events.
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Hello @EventsD ,


The event block available in the current email builder (CPE) only functions with events built using the newer Events 2.0 system available in Constant Contact accounts.


If your account didn't already have access to the older 3GE builder, then you won't have access to the Eventbrite block since its functionality was purely tied to that system. If your account is old enough to have used that email builder, then it'd be a matter of looking through your older campaigns and copying one of those to access it. Another workaround to access the older builder is by creating an email via a PDF


Otherwise, the other workaround in the CPE is to simply use text, image, and button blocks to do what the Eventbrite block did.

William A
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