Identifying Survey responses with questions asked

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I am working on my first Constant Contact survey. It is important to be able to identify the responses with each respondent Are all responses anonymous? That defeats what I am trying to do. Thanks for any guidance.
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Hello @FFD ,


If you send the survey through an email (only live sends, not when access via preview or test send), then our system can capture the contact that selects the link and answers the question. This will be reflected in the survey's reporting.


Survey links accessed as standalone links will not capture contact info automatically. This includes when they're accessed via social posts, or other ways that someone would try accessing them without the standard tracking rewrites included in emails. If you're wanting to absolutely require that respondents provide their identifying info, then I'd advise setting up required short answer questions where respondents must provide their email address, name, etc.


For more info on survey respondents being anonymous, I'd advise checking out this article.

William A
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