Importing birthdays

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I have a large list of customers who already have their birthdays listed with their profile. I'm trying to import these customers into contact contact and it keeps saying the birthdays are not in the correct 'birthday format'. Does anyone know the correct date format CC will allow?

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Hello @MeganR9766 ,


The following are the accepted formats for Birthdates when importing contacts via file:

M/D/YYYY   D-Month   YYYY-M-D
YYYY/MM/DD   DD-Month-YY  


Some other important notes:

  • If using Excel to edit and manage the file, the field should be formatted as "Date" or "Custom."
  • After import, the date in a contact record appears as "Month, Day." We don't store the year.

For more info, please see our article on standard headings and character limits for contact fields, also available via the Help tab in your account. 

William A
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