Link PayPal to an Event to collect payments


Has anyone had trouble connecting CC to their PayPal account? I keep getting an error on PayPal that says "something went wrong" and cannot connect my charity's acccount to the event. HELP please.

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Hi @PeterL29 , 


I do apologize about this! This is a defect with connecting PayPal that we are aware of, and our engineering team is working to fix. Please make sure you are logged in as the primary user on the PayPal business account, as sometimes the error arises when people are not logged in as such. 


I have tracked this defect on your account. Our engineering team will absolutely reach back out to you with any updates we have on this. 

Amanda G.
Community & Social Care
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Thank Amanda for your timely response. When I called phone support, the Constant Contact rep was not aware of the issue and insisted the error was with PayPal. I spent 90 minutes on a call with them--they were not aware of knowledgable about the problem. Oh they did suggest WePay-leading me to the concerning conclusion that Constant Contact/Paypal are not interested in solving the matter quickly. So my event is supposed to go live today and we can't use the Constant Contact and PayPal. We have had to use a different platform altogether. This reminds me of Constant Contact's failed donation function. We set up our event to receive donations and never got one...then I learned later that this function does not work.  Of course the buttons to set up remained--as is the case with trying to connect an event to PayPal--buttons are still in place. When the set up fails, the error message just says vaguely "something went wrong"--no message clarifying the problem is with Constant Contact, no recommended further action. Look forward to hearing the resolution Amanda. And thank you again.

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The "defect" has still not been fixed as I am consistently receiving the same error when attempting to connect event payments with PayPal. I assure you it is NOT an issue with PayPal,  as we have recently created buttons that linked directly to PayPal for a previous event (April 2022) and it worked just fine. I am logged in as the account owner, I have followed all prompts numerous times, and I have logged out and logged back in (which by the way requires you to start completely over when creating a new event). PLEASE RESOLVE THIS!!!


Thank you,


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Am having the exact same issue and it's August 15, 2022. Looks like this has been going on since June.

I don't understand why no one is paying attention to this. Just wasted a bunch of time with the same error. 

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