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We have synched WooCommerce with constant contact and have several woo commerce lists. My question is in regards to three of our lists we've set up. They are...

  • WooCommerce - Recent customers
  • Woo Commerce - first time customers
  • Woo commerce - lapsed customers

My question is does Constant Contact "automatically" move them from a list based on their activity. For instance...

  • If someone in the "First time customer" list buys again - are they removed from that specific list?
  • If someone in the "lapsed customer" lists buys - are they removed from that specific list? And what is the definition of "lapsed"?
  • When someone is in the "recent customers" list - when are they no longer considered "recent" and removed from that list?
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Hello @MaryH99 ,


Their list membership specifically for WooCommerce is updated when the syncing between the systems is updated. We wouldn't be the ones measuring the recent customers versus first time customers, we would just be hosting the lists. We also provide in the integration area what these list titles mean in regards to the contacts' activity. If the contact does something in your site that would change the list status, and the integrations re-syncs that new activity info, then their list membership will be updated for those integration lists. Any lists you've made directly within your Constant Contact account wouldn't automatically change with those list memberships.


For more info on connecting WooCommerce to your Constant Contact account, I'd advise going through our main article on the topic - also available via the the Help tab in your account. We also have a downloadable guide for how the integration works between the systems. 



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Thank you

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