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Now that buying and selling online has become immensely popular, many of our customers are interested in starting an ecommerce business. Luckily, it has never been easier, and you can follow this guide to get started.


If you're running a successful ecommerce business, what advice would you give to someone just starting out?


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Always begin with research. Familiarize yourself with your target audience, their desires, choices, and struggles. Conduct comprehensive market research to verify your business concept and customize your offerings accordingly.


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The guide @Grace_R shared is really excellent. Having set up a number of new e-commerce websites for clients lately, I'd like to underscore the portion about researching and planning your operations, namely shipping. This is the one of the major blind spots that causes lots of friction for some business types because it can be hard to determine what the best method is for you. My advice is to analyze multiple ideas: free shipping (build it into product pricing model), flat rate shipping based on cart value (this has wiggle room on the over and under but helps stabilize in the middle) and specific in-cart calculated shipping. Consider how far you'll be mailing your products and with what carrier. Nail this down, at least in plans, before getting close to your rollout. I've witnessed multiple clients get near the finish line towards launch and then were caught up figuring and refiguring their shipping plans for extended periods of time delaying the whole project.

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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