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Our Creative Director has been building newsletters for different companies through Constant Contact for seven years. The ability to create a newsletter with minimal visual restrictions has been lost in recent years, which is frustrating and disappointing. She can no longer create a link/sidebar or extend pictures to borders throughout a template. Also, it would be great to have a way to send people back up to the top of a newsletter and have a link that can be added to PDFs to bring them back to the newsletter.


Constant Contact also did not have as many sales options and higher costs for benefits. And, we've had a lot of issues with posting to social media accounts for my clients. You can contact me directly via email if you'd like to schedule a time to learn more.

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Hello @SheilaO94 ,


Images can be stretched the full width if they're set to center alignment in their own standalone block. You can also remove side and top/bottom padding via the pop-up toolbar.


image size.PNG



For more info on how to insert and manage images within an email, please see this article.


Links that go to different sections of the same newsletter are called anchor links (sometimes referred to as a "table of contents"). We do not have these available because the majority of major email programs do not function with them at all, especially in mobile format, and sometimes outright treat them as suspicious. As such, there are no plans for this kind of functionality to be available in the current editors, at this time.


Regarding the PDF, is there a reason a contact couldn't click the back button on their browser, or swipe back on their phone / swap back to their email app, to return to the email?


How exactly would you want the PDF link-back to work in regards to unique emails, and the potential for the same PDF linked in multiple emails?


If you're wanting full freedom for creating emails and know how to use HTML, I'd recommend utilizing the custom code editor.


Can you please provide any elaboration regarding "sales options" you're looking for?


Can you provide any further information regarding your "issues with posting to social media?" Are you receiving specific error messages when you try to post? 

William A
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