My inline form is not showing any styles on my website

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I'm trying to share an inline form on my website. I've followed the instructions by adding the Universal Code and the Inline code to the website and the form appears but it looks nothing like the constant contact form that was built. There is no styling associated with the form and it looks very generic and unprofessional. Is there an inline frame code I could use? I could style it using CSS on our site but the whole point of this form it is to display it the way Constant Contact displays it. Anyone else have this problem? Possible solutions?

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Hello @L21324 ,


From our article on installing forms:

The form relies on the styles built into your website, so to change the appearance of the sign-up form beyond the background and button color, you have to choose a new theme for your website or update the CSS in your website.


If you need assistance with this, your webmaster or the support for your website builder would be the best resources.

William A
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