Newsletter Template does not keep its formatting when forwarded in Outlook

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I use Constant Contact to create a quarterly newsletter - which looks great. I then need to forward it as a test to my own Outlook email corporate address. I clean it up, remove the header and footers and then send to my boss in Israel who is allowed to then email and forward the newsletter to the entire company. By the time she sends it out - I receive it and it looks horrible, the spacing is all wrong, the text size changes, it's a bit of a mess. What is the answer: is it because she also sends emails in Hebrew and has a Hebrew keyboard? Do Constant Contact newsletter templates not hold their coding in Outlook email? Is it because I send it to myself first, then forward to her and she forwards it a 2nd time that the spacing is destroyed?

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Hello @DeborahM61 ,


Honestly it sounds like a combo of both. We don't really recommend forwarding emails through email clients. Since forwarded emails effectively get re-written by the forwarding email client, we have no control over how the email's layout may or may not change. If the wording is also getting changed to a particularly different font or scripting (i.e. a right-to-left languages), it is likely to significantly impact the layout of the email further, as would any changes to the emails contents as part of the multiple forwards.

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