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I'm trying to create a Constant Contact Event. The Event itself is working but I'm also trying to connect a PayPal business account to the event so that we can accept the registration fees. Everything on the CC events side shows that Paypal is connected, but when I try to register myself as a test, and pay with PayPal, I get an error message that "Paypal could not be reached, try again." I contacted PayPal who stated that it has something to do with the APIs and to contact Constant Contact. I've called but I get bounced around. I see that in CC there's an integration but that connects me to Zapier which I have no clue about.2021-09-20_15-40-02.jpg2021-09-20_16-27-25.jpg2021-09-20_16-27-44.jpg

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Hello @RIAPA ,


There are a few settings that you can check to make sure they are set up correctly within your PayPal account. I have listed the steps for each below for you. Please be advised that these steps are outside of Constant Contact and our scope of support. 

As for your question about Zapier, they are a 3rd party company that thousands of different applications are able to connect to. For more information about Zapier and how they work you can visit their help page here.


Account type: Must be Premier or Business

How to find account type:

  1. Log in to Paypal
  2. Click the Profile option at the top
  3. Choose Profile and Settings
  4. Choose My Settings to the left
  5. The Account Type will be listed to the right

Accept PayPal payments from all your online stores:

  1. Click the Profile link in the top right corner
  2. Click Profile & Settings
  3. Click My Selling Tools in the left corner
  4. Click Update next to API access
  5. Click Enable Express Checkout, under Accept payments from your online stores before setting up APIs
  6. Put a checkmark next to Accept PayPal payments before API permissions or credentials are set up

Make sure that a valid Tax ID number is on file:

  1. Click the Profile link in the top right corner
  2. Click Profile & Settings
  3. Click My business info in the left column
  4. Click to add either a Social Security Number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or Employer Identification Number

Make sure that the email address is verified:

      1 .Click the Profile link in the top right corner

  1. Click Profile & Settings
  2. Click My business info in the left column
  3. Click Edit next to the address
  4. Click Confirm this email to receive a confirmation email
  5. Click the Confirm your email button in the email that is received


John M
Community & Social Media Support

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