Pictures for scheduled Social Posts will not stay in Order.

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Pictures for scheduled Social Posts will not stay in Order. when going back into many scheduled Social Posts, the order of pictures will seemingly randomize, I cannot get pictures to stay in order at all. this is a problem when we are showcasing a newsletter with multiple pages shown as individual images. For example no matter what order I enter images under scheduled Social Post "5 Things You Can Do With an IRA That You Cant With a 401k" the 3rd page of the article will place itself in the 1st or 2nd position and not last always. Please need help ASAP

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Hello @DylanB434 ,


It looks like you already spoke with Chat support regarding this issue, and they've tracked the issue to your account. If and when there's an update, the engineers will notify you directly.


In the meantime the only workaround if you're regularly encountering this would be to make the post directly through the social platform.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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