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Question and concerns about CC perfomance

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To be respectful, first I'd just like to ask/clarify if this is the right forum to ask about CC performance question and/or concerns. Specifically ongoing false positives with opens and clicks?
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Hi @AnthonyT86. Some security programs will preload images and check links in sent emails before bringing them to the inbox. Apple Mail also made its own updates in 2021 to protect the privacy of its app users by preloading images. Images include those you have manually placed into your campaigns and also include tracking pixels which we use to measure opens. These security checks would impact your open and click rate.


Since opens are no longer as accurate, we've switched to calculating opens based on a successful delivery ("sent" minus "bounces"). We also now calculate click rates based on the number of emails that were successfully delivered and didn't bounce. So while these numbers will appear lower, they will be an accurate representation of your reporting.


Caitlin M.
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