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Question of the Week: How has Segmentation helped you save time?


Creative ways to use segmentation


The other day I was helping a customer who was going through their contact lists and wanted an easy way to find all the email addresses that were part of two particular lists. They were exporting lists into spreadsheets and comparing them to find the overlapping contacts. It’s totally fine to do it that way, but using our segmentation builder is such a time saver! You just pick the lists you want to search, click the button, and the list of contacts who appear on all of the lists are returned to you in just a few moments! 



So how about you? Has segmentation helped you save time? Let us know what you did!

(…and if you haven’t tried using our segment builder yet, check out this thread!)

Community Coach

There are so many ways Segmentation saves time and makes marketing more efficient and higher quality. For example a client who had a list of 144,000 spread out across the U.S. and wanted to create four smaller lists based on geographical region. The "Contact Info" and location fields make that a single step! Another example are my e-commerce clients. Having the system *automatically* segment their database based on shopping actions and triggers is incredibly powerful!

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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