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After editing registration information, Constant Contact creates another invitation.  I can't figure out how to delete the additional invitation, so my email recipients will receive 2 invitations.  There has to be an easy way to delete one of the invitations' but I surely can't figure it out.  Really frustrated!

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Hello @DeWynnN7 ,


Can you elaborate on what's being edited regarding the registrants? Is editing their payment or registration statuses, or editing certain contact details that's resulting in the invitation being re-sent? Is it it only occurring with specific registrants / contacts? Is the additional invitation going to all registrants, or just the ones edited?


Is the erroneous invitation merely being copied when you make any edits? Or is it completely self-scheduling - i.e. already in scheduled / sent status (not draft) by the time you see it? If it's only in scheduled, are you able to un-schedule it like any other normal event-email?

William A
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