Reason for variance between Subscribed list and Sent (when sent to all) ?

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Good afternoon, 

Our contacts indicate we have 3600 subscribers, when I send an email campaign report indicates 3023 were sent.

I wanted to identify the 577 that were NOT sent. Thought I would export full subscribers - 3600 - and then export the Sent, but when I click the all on the Sent report it jumps up to the full total. 

The full list 3600 shows all active - this is a week after clearing bounce and suspended lists - no flags. 

Send indicates it is send 99.7% yet total sent  


From the Campaign Report: 3023 SentRaw Report.PNG


 When I attempt to create list of Sent, and click the box to select all records, the item count increases to 3,602

Raw Report Exp.PNG

What would be the variance? 

I appreciate any suggestions. 

Thank you


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Hi @HollyD3. I looked at your reporting and I'm not seeing the same thing happen on my end when selecting all sends. Is it still appearing with a higher number now? Also, if you add the c contacts to the list anyways, does this list have the lower number? 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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