Resend an email but eliminate a group

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I sent my email yesterday and only after sending it did I realize one of the groups did not belong. Can i change the resend groups so as to eliminate that one group? The resend is scheduled for Monday @ 2PM
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Hello @BristolRTC ,


No, at this point the resend would require wholly cancelling. It is possible to still do what you want, but will require several manual steps:

  1. Cancel the automated resend.
  2. Copy the email, make whatever edits you need to - including to the subject line if so desired.
  3. On the day you would've wanted to resend, create a segment. Set the criteria to:
    • Contact Activity > Were Sent > a specific email > the name of the email
    • AND
    • Did Not Open > a specific email > the name of the email you want to resend 
    • AND
    • List Membership > Not On List > the specific list you didn't want to send to
  4. Send the copied email to that segment.

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