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Schedule Multiple Sends

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Hi, I'm new to Constant Contact, and wish to schedule my emails (I have 50+ which rotate each week, so 25 per week) each for 4 bi-monthly sends. Right now we are scheduling each send once, every week. This is inefficient and I wish to set up each email to send 4 times spanning the total of 2 months, each going out every other week. Thank you!

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Hi @LeeDenver. There isn't a built-in scheduling feature to have an email send more than once without needing to make copies.  


A workaround would be to create an automated series that has the original email and three copies. From there, you'll set the delay for each following email to be 14 days. However, you can't select to have it start on a set date like you can with regular email campaigns. Also, you would need to make sure that no one is added to the list you select when creating the series as they will start their own queue upon joining the list and receive the email at a different time from others.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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