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I have been creating segments based on custom fields. It works - but why can I not see the segment rows? Not just the summary number. I need to check to results without having to export the segment list.

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Hello @MeritageVocalArts ,


Can you elaborate at all? Is your issue that certain fields are being excluded from the view / sorting when looking at the segment? Or are you having difficulties opening up the segment after it calculates?

William A
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Let me clarify. I am new to CC and am exploring how it all works.


I added 5 custom fields to my database. But when I tried to segment my contacts based on one of the segments, all I got was the SUMMARY count of rows. Subsequently, I found out this was because I was using Safari.  When I switched to Chrome I got the rows of the segmented set. Lesson learned: Don't use Safari with Constant Contact. I think this is something your developers should know. Perhaps they do.


Secondly, I discovered that when I Modify Columns to make good use of my Custom fields, the same set of columns is subsequently applied to all views of my data until I modify the columns again. It would be very helpful to save one set of columns for some of my segments, and a different set of columns for other data. Maybe this functionality already exists and I just haven't found it. As a database designer before I took retirement, I know what this entails, so I could imagine you not wanting to make that change. If I had twenty or more custom fields, all designed to help me target various business audiences, I might find the unending use of Modify Columns rather clumsy. Or have I missed something???

Other than these thoughts, I am now okay with CC. (For now!!!) The extensive Help, videos, and knowledgebase are great. Thank you.

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