Send Button hidden under blue banner

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The send button for campaigns is hidden under the blue banner that runs across the top of my screen. 


Hello @ChrisC566 ,


When this occurs it can be caused by a couple of mundane things:

  • the browser is too zoomed in, and needs to be zoomed out of / returned to 100% view (CTRL - / CTRL 0 on PC, CMD - / CMD 0 on Mac)
  • the default font sizing of your browser is too large and needs to be reduced

Otherwise, the other most common culprits are browser extensions, ad/pop-up blockers, or something else usually only connectivity-related affecting the visual elements of the site. I'd also recommend going through the usual troubleshooting steps to narrow down what the source of the issue may be - such as checking other browsers and devices if you have access to them, to see if the issue is also occurring on those. When I look at the scheduling page for your account, it's a single line, as expected, and the top bars of your editing and scheduling pages show as expected, which indicates it's a more localized issue.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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