Social Media Icons Permanently Gone After Deleting

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I am using the social media icons in my newsletter and when I first used it, it showed me all five social media icons to edit with my links. I deleted the ones I didn't want to use, but now I do want to use them and there is no way to get them back. Whenever I click the social media tile it only shows me now facebook and instagram and I can't add a website or another type of icon. I even opened a brand-new newsletter and it looks like that setting stayed because it didn't default to showing me all the icons again. My only options for the future are facebook and instagram and if I delete one of those I will have even fewer options. How do I restore that setting to the defaults?
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Hi @MeredithL009. I took a look at your most recent draft and was able to add new social channels. Please see our article on editing the social follow block.


While editing a new test campaign, I came across an issue with the Add Network dropdown not appearing when attempting to add new social channels. I'm not sure if this is what you may have been experiencing. If so, try resizing your browser and then maximizing it. Once I did that, the Add Network dropdown appeared again.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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