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Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding styling in email campaigns. As a backround, I'm used to LibreOffice where the styling is very structured. When you update a style, all paragraphs (or characters) that use the style get updated automatically. So if you want to change from Times to Arial, for example, you update the style and everything else follows. Having said that... I have an email I'm preparing and I want to set the heading font to Roboto. In the design tab, all the fonts are set to Roboto, with various combinations of sizes and bold/italic. Yet, when I change a paragraph style to H2, I get back to Tahoma and I need to change it manually. This means a lot of fiddling around and inconsistent formatting if I miss a header. What am I missing? Thanks, L P.S. For some reason, H1 and H3 use the proper formatting but not H2.
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Hello @HopeandCope ,


If you use one of the paragraph styles, they'll default to a standardized formatting that the template started with. I'd recommend saving your formatting changes till after you've set your styles. Either that, or you should avoid using the paragraph styles if you plan to make significant formatting changes.

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Hmmm... OK, thanks for the answer. I've always thought of styles as a way to make it easier to make sweeping changes, not as something that made it harder. Which is the whole reason I try to use them, because if a styling decision changes, I make it once and everything gets updated instead of making multiple piecemeal changes.




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