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I'm a volunteer for a non-profit and need to get approvals before sending emails to our Board of Directors. When I send the Test email my approvers can't tell that it's a test email vs. the actual email. When I send the test I comment it with TEST TEST TEST but they don't always catch that at the top center of the content. Is there a way to make the Test email more obvious to them?

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Hello @TeresaL074 ,


Test emails sent through the system will explicitly have a banner denoting that they're a test. at the bottom. The only way this banner wouldn't appear is if the email is so long that the receiving email program cuts it off (as well as other actual content in the email).


When sending a test, you can also include an additional message that will appear at the very top of the test-sent email. See the linked article for test emails for additional info on how this function works.

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