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Is there any workaround for text formatting? I have had to keep the first character of the word in each sentence intact and then delete it later because the text format completely disappears if I delete an entire line (say the font is 14 and I'm looking to delete that line and add a new word, it'll go to default settings and I will have to use the already clunky 'always in hovering over your text' text formatting box in order to reformat text, which is not how any word processor works.


In addition, I cannot copy and paste text and it keep source formatting; even text already formatted within the email. As an example I will copy a red, bold faced text and go to paste it over red, bold faced text and it will paste as black, bold faced text. This is incredibly time consuming when trying to copy and update an already formatted email. I don't know if there are settings I can changes or if this is just the limit of Constant Contact. If it's a limit, I would love to see this program act more like a word processing program or word press at the very least.


Also, can the text format box be altered in any way? It's so huge, I don't even understand. Would appreciate any insight. Hoping I'm missing something versus expected to use it in this way. I have a lot of copy paste in my life....

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Hello @MazzellaMarketing ,


What you're describing sounds like there's an issue with your text block to begin with. If you're regularly copying your emails from previous copied-copies, then it's likely you've got blocks with built-up junk coding. 


In this regard, the best and most straightforward solution is to have a master template you copy directly from each time. That way each of your copies only comes from a direct source, rather than going through multiple reiterations.


Otherwise your option would be to delete the specifically problematic blocks in each re-copy, and rebuild them.



As far as the formatting bar being in your way, that's just a matter of needing to either:

  • Zoom out on your browser screen- the formatting toolbar is supposed to clip to the top of your screen, or the top of the block if you're scrolled up far enough
  • Split up your text block. Having exceedingly long text blocks can result in issues with browser lag from formatting autosaves and rendering. It can also cause the formatting toolbar to lag behind and in the middle when scrolling up and down frequently.



The only other thing I'd recommend regarding your issues would be make sure you're pasting the copied text with cleared formatting. Generally this is as simple as right-click > paste without formatting, or using the keyboard command CTRL-SHIFT-V on PC / CMD-SHIFT-V on Mac. 


If you continue to have issues, I'd recommend calling general support so they can screenshare your Constant Contact browser screen, and see your described issues in real time to offer advice and troubleshooting.


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