Unable to create abandoned cart email through WooCommerce

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I have already updated woocommerce and still cannot create abandoned cart recovery - that's feedback of your platform, that is prohibiting me from actually making money.

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Hi @RyanB020. I see you contacted our Support team yesterday and they are working with you further regarding your WooCommerce integration. Please continue to work with them through that case as they are best equipped to further assist you in that space. 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Literally the same cookie cutter response to EVERYONE with this issue. NO the issue is not resolve. NO nothing your instructions tell you to do, have worked. YES, I have uninstalled CC for woocommerce, disconnected the store from the CC dashboard, deleted the plugin completely from wordpress, and re-connected the store + reinstalled the plugin. Store is connected, but woocommerce contacts do not import. COMPLETELY USELESS. And your idiot team just keeps saying: is this updated? Is that updated? Disable all plugins and try one by one.. etc. All the BASIC crap, which I have done. GET YOUR SOFTWARE TO WORK maybe????? 

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No matter what I do (uninstall Constant contact for woocommerce, disconnect store from Constant Contact dashboard, change permalinks), I still cannot get my Woocommerce contacts to sync w/ Constant Contact. The store is technically "connected," but just does not report contacts. This has been an ongoing problem, and I am utterly at whits end trying to fix this. ANY SUGGESTIONS? 


Wordpress: newest version

Plugins: All updated

Malware: none

No website firewall

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Hi @RyanB020 , 


I would recommend calling and speaking with our Tier 2 technical department. They are well versed in integration issues, and would be able to troubleshoot with you at a higher level. To reach them, you will want to call our main support line at 866-289-2101 and let them know you are having connection issues with WooCommerce and were advised to speak with Tier 2.


They are available from Monday - Friday: 7 am - 5 pm MT or 9 am - 7 pm ET. 

Amanda G.
Community & Social Care
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They're actually NOT. And there is literally no difference between tiers, in terms of advice, or even skillset. I won't be gaslit for the 3rd time with you folks. This is what you call "The run around." That's what one gets when trying to address this particular problem, with NO solutions for MONTHS. Imagine the business I'm losing? "Accept as solution." lol. More like accept as another DODGE to my question. 

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