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Everyone on my email list has signed up for my emails. I don't add anyone without their request to receive my emails. Recently, I had 2 different unsubscribes that also reported my emails as spam, which they are not. Maybe they forgot they signed up, but they both had been receiving my emails for a number of years, so I"m also not new to them...both signed up at events they attended in the past. My question is this...how does that affect my email campaigns, etc. to be listed as spam, when I'm not? And, is there any way to contest those reports to clear my reputation. I'm not a spammer, never have been, never will be, but it must 'ding' me to have those reports out there? Thank you, Laurie
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Hi @LaurieD00. It's possible that your contact's email client detected the email as spam. A few spam reports shouldn't affect your sending reputation. This would only become an issue if there were larger reports. If you have a relationship with these contacts, you can ask them to safelist your email address. This will help your deliverability. 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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