Use another field as a fallback when a merge field is blank

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In some cases the first name field is a legal or proper name and the contact has provided us a preferred name. We would like to use the preferred name as the greeting for these contacts. However, since many contacts don't have both fields filled out we need the option for a fallback chain.

For example:

The greeting is set to: Hi {preferred_name}
If preferred_name is blank, then the greeting is: Hi {first_name}

and if first_name is also blank, the greeting becomes: Hi friend

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Hello @user364260 ,


Since "Preferred Name" sounds like a custom field, not something we have by default, it wouldn't have functionality with the Greeting Tag function. Custom fields are included in emails via Insert Contact Details, whose fallbacks are explicitly typed out.


It may be better to treat the First Name as "preferred name" if that's how you prefer to address your contacts, and if they have a different legal name you're wishing to include in your contacts' details, you can have that as the custom field.

William A
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Yes, I understand how the functionality currently works; that was the reason for submitting the feature request.

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