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Which Charity Marketing Ideas are effective for non profits?


We spend lots of time thinking about marketing for businesses, but this question is for the non-profits out there - what are your favorite ways to market your charities to increase awareness, participation, and fundraising? Do you have any advice on the Constant Contact tools that stretch your dollar the furthest?

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Hi Elizabeth,


I've always been particular about using events, ideally in-person, to promote the cause and get people motivated. Even if you can't make it to an event, giving additional ways for people to participate virtually like including a link to donate in an email invite can create more opportunities for engagement. Plus, making it so people can easily share the event landing page or email invite on social media to let their followers know!


Thanks for sharing @user13965! Events are great because there is so much energy around them. Do you mind if I ask what you do in between events to keep up momentum?

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It's usually a blur! 😀


If I'm not simply planning for the next event, I would probably send a post-event email at some point showing how participants and contributors directly impacted our initiative. People love to see how their efforts make a difference and hopefully galvanizes them for the next event!


That's fair! The work doesn't stop!  I agree that the follow-up is important. I like to know if a goal is met (or even better, exceeded!)


I've recently discussed this, but if your organization is a nonprofit, you should know that Google has a fantastic initiative known as AdGrants. This program provides free search advertising of up to $10,000 each month, making it an excellent opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts.

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When I think of marketing for non-profits I think of hosting benefits and getting out there in your community. This way, you can fundraise and network at the same time! With Constant Contact, we've made it easy for you to set up and create events. Our events tool helps monitor registrations, send emails, and promote your events all in one spot! 


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