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can you have two different brands in your constant contact account?

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Hello @user689134 ,


Technically yes, though there may be issues with how your account is set up, and with certain compliance-required elements like footer physical address. Some functionalities, like the BrandKit, pull from the website you enter, but would need to be swapped between whenever you need access to the colors and logo of the other brand.


If you're going to have multiple brands in a single account, it would be best to setup two distinct reusable templates you can copy/create from, to keep the default colorings and logos already setup whenever you have a new email to send out. Landing pages and sign-up forms would be more difficult, since the physical address in the footer will match whatever is set in the account's settings. If each brand has its own domain, then you wouldn't be able to use self-authentication, and would instead need to rely on the ccsend rewrite for From addresses.


Much of the hassle of swapping between brands can be alleviated, if they all fall under the same parent company or organization. In this situation, they could be potentially handled with a single domain and physical address.


Ultimately, accounts function best when operated for a single brand - color set, physical address, domain, logo, etc.

William A
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