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Re: Create dropdown fields for sign up forms

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It sure would be nice if these boards gave you the ability to comment directly on a comment instead of going to the way bottom of a long list.


Earlier on this page @Caitlin_M responds to @LETA that she would add the proposal to have a dropdown on forms so people could vote on it. When you CTCT people do something like this, why don't you link to where that idea or feedback is, so we can find it to comment on? In combination with your point that ideas are closed if they don't get commented on in a week, it pretty much ensures that a lot of things will go by the wayside. Is this by design? Or oversight?


Hello @rcppubs23 ,


I've moved your response to the Questions & Discussions board since it's more fitting there. The Ideas board is set up for the collection of information, and less so for constant back-and-forth. The comment you're referring to was in response to the user posting elsewhere in the Community, before their original post (and Caitlin's comment) got merged into the overall thread that you replied in. That thread is about dropdowns on sign-up forms, so there wouldn't have been a need to link to anything since the comment had been merged into the Idea thread for that topic. 


Idea threads that are in Clarifying status are set to be closed after it's been over a week since we originally asked for clarification, with no response in the Community or via email reply to provide the clarification. However, if there's at least something to the Idea and it's not just blank, we'll typically wait longer for a response before closing it. Closed Ideas threads are still available to comment on, if the Idea warrants further clarification. If an Idea has been closed because it's been implemented, isn't compliant, or otherwise doesn't warrant further responses, then comments will be turned off for it. If you're not seeing one of your Ideas posts, it was either:

  • merged into an existing topic, in which case it'll still be visible on your "My Profile" page for you to go to
  • was archived and redirected to our existing resources, like an FAQ or solved Questions & Discussions post
  • went against our Community Guidelines or Terms, or overall company's Terms.


If you need reminders on how the Ideas board works, make sure to check out our main blog introducing the board, as linked to on the righthand side of that board.


If you're unsure whether or not a response you're about to make in the Community is constructive, make sure to review the Guidelines. If you feel like all that needs to be said on an existing thread topic has already been said by others, kudos-ing (the thumbs up) also highlights threads that we can point out for devs as hot topics - whether they're feature requests or issues.

William A
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Marketing Legend

 I guess I was missing something. The post I responded to said it had been moved so people could vote for it or kudo it or something. Since the option to do that was not availabel in the post I was replying to, I assumed that saying it moved meant it was somewhere else, which was why I was looking for a link. I find it really hard to reply to a specific comment, it gets buried at the end of the whole thread, so you don't know what's being replied to.

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