inding last date a subsribed user opened an email.

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After some time of benign neglect, I'm trying to clean up my organization's address database. I have a sizeable number of subscribers who receive our emails but do not open them. It would be helpful to know the last time these subscribers did open one of our emails. If it's been some time, it may be a good idea to purge them. I can't find a way to search the list of "did not open" subscribers to see the last time they did open one of our emails. Is there a way to find "last access" info? tia mm

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Hello @Diaconate-Institute ,


If you're wanting to see the explicit last time a contact opened an email, you'd need to do this on an individual basis by looking at the specific contact's email engagement activity.


Otherwise, you can segment contacts based on open criteria, to sort out contacts that have never opened an email, haven't opened your previous email, haven't opened an email in a set period of time, etc. Otherwise you can also use our pre-built least engaged segment.

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