inline form with elementor

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I am new to Constant contact. I downloaded the plugin and added the universal code to the theme editor and the short code but still not seeing the form. What am I doing wrong?
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Hi @mgrLBB. Did you follow the steps outlined in our article on installing inline sign-up forms? There are specific instructions for the Elementor site builder. If you have followed the steps and are still not seeing the form, you will need to contact your site builder support. We are not able to assist with the installation.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for the replay. I did follow the steps re setting up the universal code in the theme and used the shortcode .  That didnt work.  When I last spoke to support they said that bc I had the plugin installed I should not do that.  So I tried with the plugin and still no luck.  If you have any more suggestions please let me know. 

I am hoping for a call from Constant Contact on Monday to resolve this.  

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