marked opened but never received?

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I send out a company wide newsletter via cc and a number of employees are not receiving it. We have self authenticated our domain & it's the same domain as every person on the list. I was about to contact our IT service but one person who did not receive it is listed as opening it in reporting. It's not in his junk or deleted in outlook and he has no filters on his email. Just curious how it can show as opened for someone who has never even seen the email?

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Hello @CaseyS ,


It would indicate that the receiving email program / client has a security element that downloaded the transparent 1x1 pixel used for tracking opens, when it checked the email to determine if it would actually deliver it. In such a situation, the only suggestion I'd normally have is to swap your authentication to self-authentication since you have your own domain, however your account is already set up as such. Ideally, this would show the security algorithms that emails being sent through us by you are effectively coming directly from you, and avoid triggering the clicks/opens from bots


Beyond that, there's not much else you can do from your end. Our devs are constantly trying to identify the various programs that utilize this functionality, so they can set our system to ignore the behavior and triggers from these particular programs. If the click rates continue to be inflated or worsen, then it may be worth calling in. That way our general support or higher level technical team can see if there's any further info that can be gleamed from the content of the emails with you live on the phone, or to see if the domains of the contacts that are seeming to bot-click them show any other particular consistencies we can track.

William A
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