one link for multiple pictures or multiple documents


Just thought it would be nice if I am putting a link in for a picture or a document if I could choose more than one in an email.  For example, "Click here for more pictures from our party".  And then be able to see multiple photos-  As far as I can tell I don't see anything like that?  I can only provide one solo picture - 

Same with documents - If I want a viewer to see three documents on one click?


Hello @LaurieK26 ,


With how images need to be embedded and documents need to be linked to in emails, this wouldn't really be possible in one email.


My suggestion would be to host these files in a cloud drive, put them into a folder, and then link to that folder's URL within the email. This way you're linking to an entire folder of media, rather than trying to insert multiple separate links or images into your email.


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William A
Community & Social Media Support

Thank you, when I called customer service a while back they did not give me that suggestion!  Much appreciated!

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