"Unsubscribe" Email Address in Footer Needs to Be Changed

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The "unsubscribe" email address in the footer of our newsletter needs to be changed. That person retired and is no longer using Constant Contact. The library's phone is listed, but we can't receive texts with codes to verify changes. What do I do?
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Hello @BrieH46 ,


So there's two email addresses that are going to show in the required footer of emails. One will be the email address that's being sent to (the receiving contact's email address) as part of the legally-required unsubscribe link. The other will be part of the "sent by" verbiage, which will be the same email address that's used for the campaign's From address.


You can't change what's part of the unsubscribe link, this is explicitly the receiving contact's address. It is different and unique to each recipient. 


To change the "sent by" address, simply update the From address in the header of your campaign while editing it. This can also be done on the campaign's scheduling page, prior to sending. If the address you wish to be sending from isn't an option from among your verified addresses, you can verify a new one to make it an option.

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