The word "Marketing" doesn't feel right because it has so many negative connotations.

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Anything that has a tinge of marketing manipulation is something I try to avoid in my own presentations - not always successfully.  (I don’t even like the word “marketing.”) I’m an extremist in that way.  I won’t do a $4.99 approach knowing that it is actually a manipulation (though there are exceptions).  So understanding that this is where I’m coming from should help the one reading this to ignore me.  LOL!   I’m the one who shrinks at the thought of saying; “This discount is only good for two weeks.”  Or something is free but only for a limited time.   I don’t think anyone really cares, but I’m addressing my understanding of the psychology that is applied to marketing.   For me, I want to apply full tilt honesty and kindness, always.  I'm want to bring good into the world, not only through my products, but with the way they are presented.  I have a few years left to offer that.  :-). So what can I do?  I can open the window of opportunity to potential customers.  I can let them know what is available and tell them enough about it so they can see its value.  And I constantly question myself; "Am I manipulating, am I being honest, am I being kind."  I'd like to leave this word this way.