Introducing a newbie ME.. Hello all Iim Kim.


Im looking forward to engaging my curiosity and interest in this form of business, This has been an on the side hobby niche theoretical ideal for me. I am enthusiastic in many too ways to describe now. Ive been studying some, somewhat. Not enough!

  I feel it is time for a real practical go at this very exciting system of business compared to our families brick and mortar and my own as well businesses . I am an eager learner, take advice like candy and am open very much to criticism, My down fall; over thinker, analyze addict and one admittedly very busy lady, please do not confuse me as aloof or ignorant. I am a quiet wall flower type of learner. However I can and will launch. Already I have read very many of the discussions in different forums and all kinds of different topics. I love how there is such open communication. Feels like a great place to turn some old fashioned equipment in. Train my business knowledge and ideas which Im going to be selective on so I have no openly shared just yet. I have a few in my life, real estate. I am a chef and an artist. Our family has 3 open and successful fourth generation now jewellery stores. I am excited. Thanks. 

~ Kim 

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Hi @Kimmy 


Hey there! It's so awesome to see how pumped you’re about diving into this new business venture! You’ve got some killer experience and creativity under your belt with your background in real estate, cooking, and jewelry stores. That’s a wide range of skills!


I’m stoked that you’ve been checking out different forums and soaking up all the info. Talking to others and learning from their experiences is super valuable.


Being eager to learn and open to advice and feedback is key. I know it’s easy to overthink and analyze when you’re passionate about something, but don't forget that acting is just as important. Don't be shy to ask questions, share your thoughts, and join in on discussions. We’ve got a supportive community here who’s ready to help you out with any challenges you may face.


Good luck with your new biz. We’re pumped to see your ideas come to life and be a part of your growth.

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