Having Automation Trigger on contact put request to new list.

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Having Automation Trigger on contact put request to new list.

Hi, I'm currently making an app that adds contacts to lists that are tied to automation email campaigns.


If the user is not a current contact in the account, they are added and everything works fine.


However, when they are already in the constant contact system, I make a put request to add them to the new list. It adds them to the list just fine, but the automation campaign does not trigger in this case. How would I go about debugging this?

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Never mind, I fixed my issue. In the url for my API put request, I changed ACTION_BY_OWNER to ACTION_BY_VISITOR. Hope this helps someone else.

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Thanks for your post.

I'm coming across the same issue.

Except that when I use the "put" command, I am able to add the person back to the List but the email won't trigger (even with the ACTION_BY_VISITOR tag).

Your help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi @TimG1567,


Your specific issue was answered by David in your other thread, but I'll reiterate it here as well.


Your issue is due to your contact already receiving the Autoresponder campaign previously. In order to not "spam" your contacts our system recognizes that your contact has already received the email campaign on that specific autoresponder series and so when you add them back to the series the system will not send out the same campaign.


For the full answer please refer to your original thread. https://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Developer-Support-ask-questions/Adding-Removing-Contacts-an...

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