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How to get list with their id.

Occasional Advisor

How to get list with their id.



I just fetch the list the campaign is send to. Now I knew that campaign is send to which list and now if i want to know the contacts in it there is no process right???

because i only get the list url.

So how can i get listmembers through their ID???

You got me what m trying to explain?

CTCT Employee

Re: How to get list with their id.



Yes, you want to find the members of a particular list in your account, right?


You can use the list ID and fetch the members in it by making a GET request to a url like below.  Just replace the username with your own and the list ID with the list in question.  (The list ID should be a number.)


You can also do a GET on the campaign URI as below to get the contacts who were sent the email:


I hope that helps!


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist