Commonly Asked Questions

  • Account Review

This article covers some of the basics with Account Reviews. We’re going to address some of the most commonly asked questions, and hopefully make the review process more easily understood overall.

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  • Billing

When it comes to any business or organization, accounting and billing are top priorities. Especially these days, carefully managing your budget is key to success. For this reason, we wanted to make sure that visitors to the Community are provided an easily noticeable guide to our relevant Billing articles. Additionally, we want to make sure some frequently asked questions regarding Billing are addressed with a bit more nuanced detail.

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  • My Account

We’ve recently made some major updates to account security with the release of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a requirement. With any change, there can be an adjustment period to get used to how it works. We wanted to make a post that contains answers to some common questions.

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  • Connectivity

The last thing Constant Contact wants is to interrupt your workflow, so let’s consider some ways to avoid, or at least resolve, these types of issues.

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  • Emails

You made a mistake in your email. Maybe the wrong link was put in. Or there needed to be a date change. This brings about the question: "How can I edit my sent email?"

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  • Delivery

Knowing the cause and reasons behind bounces can help you as a marketer to ensure you are mailing to the cleanest, most engaged list that you can.

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  • Delivery

Keeping your contact lists clean and up to date is a great way to improve your deliverability rate and also your open rate. One way that we recommend doing this is to look at the bounces for each campaign that you send out.

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