The Impact of the Preheader


What is a preheader and why is it so important? This is a common question that we get in Customer Support!


First, let’s take a step back and start with the subject line. It’s displayed in the email recipient’s inbox. We all know its importance in stating the intent or essence of your email campaign. It gives a summary of the content and sparks the reader’s interest. Like a heading, a title or a topic.


A great subject line entices the recipient to open your email campaign and take action (and keeps your email out of the spam folder!) The three best practices when writing an effective subject line include: short and descriptive, avoids spam-like characteristics, and entices the recipient to read further.


Sounds great, right? But what if you could add even more value to the content of your email campaign?


This is where the preheader comes in. It’s an additional line of text that displays in the inbox after the subject line. It simply supports the subject line with a bit more detail. It can even help with brand recognition.


Most mobile devices and email clients automatically display it. Without a preheader, the recipient might see a URL or perhaps text that doesn’t entirely support the subject line. You’ll want to maximize this space to your benefit. Use it to create value and/or a sense of urgency. Here are some examples of preheader text: what you could use:


  • Sign up now - limited time offer
  • Read what they’re saying
  • Keep reading to find out more
  • Shop now and save
  • Your feedback is important
  • Check out our work
  • Don’t miss out
  • Join us

Remember, the subject line and preheader text work in tandem. Together they create a preview of the content to come, and provide you with a golden opportunity to engage your contacts before your email is even opened!


We make it easy for you to add this to your email campaign directly from the header block:





Have any questions about the above article? Let us know! We’d also love to hear your successes with including a preheader to your email campaign. In addition, if you’ve seen any great preheader text in your own inbox tell us about that too!

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I'm using a custom code for my emails. I don't see any option for preheader text. 


Can someone advise on how I can add preheader text to my custom HTML?



Occasional Participant

I also use custom coded emails and there is no option for preheader text.

Plus, even though I have coded the preheader in the email, I still see a link to 'p1x1.gif' first.  BEFORE MY PREHEADER TEXT in Outlook!!


Can we stop this from happening?




Hello @terrym39. There is a way to add preheader text in your custom code email! You are going to add the following to the style sheet in the Advanced Editor:

span.preheader { display: none !important; }

Then you will add this code at the top of the body of your email in the following format:

<span class=&"preheader">Preheader text here<&/span>

(with the &'s removed)


Hope this helps!