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To-do in this article:

 Choose the right option to upload your contacts

 Upload your contacts to a list


Why is it important to know which method of uploading is best for you?


Your contacts are most likely the most valuable part of your account. Of course, you’ll need a way to get them in there. We have multiple options available for importing contacts


If you are importing a spreadsheet, take a moment to ensure the contact file is formatted correctly and in an acceptable format. We accept .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, .VCF, and .TXT files.




Using an integration? We’ve got you covered. There are integrations available with multiple business softwares and eCommerce platforms that automatically sync your contacts. 




What if you have them stored in your personal or business address book from an email client? Use our tools to bring over your contacts from Gmail, Outlook, or other various email providers. See them all here.



No matter what method you’re using, you will need to agree with our email permission policy. In short, these contacts have given you either express or implied consent to contact them through email. We also do not permit the upload of purchased lists.


If you have previously used another email marketing provider, you can upload a list of unsubscribed contacts. Even though you are contacting them through a different provider, these contacts have stated they no longer want to receive emails and you still have to respect their request.


However you decide to upload your contacts, once it’s done, it’s time to create your first email!

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