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Adding new Contact

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Adding new Contact

I'm trying to get a list of all contacts using: contactService.GetContacts(null). That returns 50 results.


Assuming that was all of them I tried to add a new email and got:

http.status.email_address.conflict:Email address already exists.


That was not in the list of 50. When I log into the Constant Contact account, I can't see any emails (not the 50 being returned or the one I'm trying to add).


There must be more than 50 emails still associated to this account behind the scenes. How can I get the full list so I can make sure I do updates at the right time and adds at the right time?


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Re: Adding new Contact

I read more and found the limit part that I increased to 500. But if I want to get every single Contact so that I can put them all in a giant list, what values should I pass as parameters?


Re: Adding new Contact

Hello @DavidL7089,


Our system does have a limit of 500 per response when doing a GET on contacts and then offers pagination if you have more results. The results will include a pagination URL to append to the main URL endpoint to get the next set of results. You can reference our pagination documentation here:

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer