Bug that deletes text while typing text into boxes

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Hello, I've been working on a newsletter campaign and experienced a frustrating bug repeatedly from start to finish. What I think happens is that Constant Contact is auto-saving the campaign and when auto-save is happening, if I type too fast and/or press the space button, giant sections of recent text are deleted. I noticed that this was happening at the same time the campaign was auto-saving. As you might imagine, it was incredibly aggravating to have large swaths of new text deleted and then to have to re-create the information/find where I left off, etc. As I mentioned, this occurred the entire time I was working on the campaign. If there is a setting I can change to prevent this from happening please let me know! Kind regards, Victoria
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Hello @UrbanWatersNWI ,


For the sake of troubleshooting and narrowing down what might be causing the issues:

  • Does this issue occur on other browsers, or in their incognito/private browsing modes?
  • Does the issue occur on other devices you might have access to, or other networks?
  • Are there any browser extensions, ad/pop-up blockers, VPNs, or security software you can temporarily disable to narrow down if one of them might be causing the issue?
  • Does this happen when editing emails made brand new from the Create button? Or does it only occur with emails that have been copied from other copies?

William A
Community & Social Media Support