Building Segments using "OR" when adding new criteria


Trying to build a segment using an existing segment (in this case "Most Engaged") OR a tag.

CC will only allow an "AND" operator when adding new criteria to the segment.

Really need "OR". Any workarounds?


Hello @BrianJ557 ,


Since contact engagement is under the "Contact Activity" type for segmentation, and Tags are their own separate type, they will only be able to exist in a segmentation with an AND relationship. OR relationships only work within the same type (i.e. Contact Activity > most engaged OR least engaged).


For more info on creating segments


A potential workaround would be to add the separate segments (one for most engaged, the other for your tag), and add them to a singular list. You can also accomplish this by simply searching for all contacts with the tag, select-all, then add those to the applicable list, if you don't want to make a separate segment for them with that sole criteria.

William A
Community & Social Media Support

Thanks, I appreciate the quick response. The nice part about segments is that they dynamically update or are refreshable. Tags don't. Lists don't. While I intuitively understand your engineering explanation, there's a solution and CC just have decide whether it's worth it to re-engineer to make that work. I've been in tech far too long to know that there's always a solution.  Researching the comments there are several others who have the same issue. I tagged the current Most Engaged and used tags instead of segments. 

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