CC not working

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I'm on a remote indigenous community on an island off the coast of australia.


I'm using Chrome and I have


an 83ms latency

between 4.6 and 9 Mbps download speed and 

between 6 to 9 Mbps upload speed


I cannot get the campaigns to load at all- and cant make changes.


also, if i use spell correct the whole paragraph the error was in disappears!


Is there any way I can keep create or editing campaigns under these circumstances?





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Hello @DavidS274 ,


Based on the speeds you mentioned, you shouldn't be having issues accessing and working in the site. Where I'm thinking the issue lies is with other connectivity-related factors. Let’s start with some basic connectivity troubleshooting. Please keep in mind that when I say connectivity issues, I'm not necessarily referring to just your internet speed. There are a number of elements that can affect website connectivity and accessibility on an individual basis - such as a browser's cache, if it's 100% up-to-date, its extensions / add-ons, over-aggressive security apps / VPNs, etc. Are you able to test the connectivity on other networks as well - i.e. if you're on ethernet are you able to swap to wifi? If you're already on wifi are you able to try a different one, or test using mobile data?



Regarding the spell check issue, I'm able to recreate it in your account - to a degree. However when I attempted the spell check, it stripped formatting from some of the words around the spell-checked on in the paragraph. I've marked your account as affected and submitted it to the engineers for further review. If and when there's an update to this, they'll notify you directly.

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